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Powering Up Africa’s Digital Economy: Conquering Cybercrime And Ensuring Prosperity

As Africa’s digital economy soars toward a $180 billion annual milestone by 2025, the battle against cybercrime, data breaches, and emerging threats becomes paramount. This session dives into strategies that secure this thriving ecosystem.

  • Defending against digital intruders: uncover tactics to shield data privacy and thwart evolving cyber threats, safeguarding the digital economy’s growth.
  • Navigating hybrid security challenges: learn how to leverage cloud services in hybrid work models while addressing the unique security concerns they introduce.
  • Guarding critical infrastructure: explore advanced methods to safeguard industrial systems against cybersecurity threats, ensuring uninterrupted operations.


  • Dr Youssef Mazouz, Secretaire General, Centre Africain De La, Cybersecurite CAC
  • Dr. Abderrahim Ait Wakrime, Professor – Computer Science, Mohammed V University


Mohamed Amr Madkour, Chief Cyber Security Officer & Deputy Chief Solution Officer, Huawei Egypt


Technical Presentation on Cloud Security – Huawei

Youssef Ait Kaddour, Chief Cybersecurity Officer (CSO), Huawei Morocco


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Cybersecurity For A Successful Digital Transition

Amine Mounir Alaoui, Former President of The Knowledge and Information Society Commission, Conseil Economique, Social Et Environmental (CESE)


Empowering National Cybersecurity: Strengthening Information Systems Protection


In an era marked by digital transformation and evolving cyber threats, safeguarding information systems is paramount. The cybersecurity law recently enacted in the kingdom of morocco represents a significant milestone in this endeavor. This conference session delves deep into the law’s provisions, implications, and its pivotal role in enhancing digital confidence, economic digitization, and societal resilience.

  • Expanding the circle of protection: unveiling the inclusive approach of the cybersecurity law
  • Cyber resilience and beyond: strategies for protecting personal and sensitive data.
  • Governance for cybersecurity: empowering committees and authorities to safeguard information systems.
  • Nurturing the cybersecurity ecosystem: opportunities for growth and innovation
  • Compliance and accountability: understanding penalties and ensuring cybersecurity adherence.

Hazem Bentaleb, Chief Information Security Officer, Public Laboratory of Tests and Studies


New Cyberwar Threats: Vulnerability Of Submarine Internet Cables and Cyber Offensives Against Internet Connection Satellites

Nizar Derdabi, Chroniqueur, La Vie éco


The National Financial Intelligence Agency In Morocco: Role In The Fight Against Money Laundering And Terrorist Financing

Hassane Saoudi, Associate Researcher, IRES


Transitioning From Manual Backup Process To Centralize Automated Backup Solution

Shaikh Ikram, Lead Engineer – PN&S Security Group, Saudi Aramco


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Bolstering Banking Cybersecurity: Proactively Defending Against Next-Gen Threats

In this dynamic session, we will explore actionable strategies to fortify cybersecurity within the banking sector, addressing next-generation threats head-on. We’ll also delve into the critical aspects of governance risk and the enhancement of cyber security capabilities to ensure your institution’s digital defenses are resilient.

  • Strengthening cyber resilience
  • Navigating governance risks
  • Enhancing cybersecurity capabilities



  • Abdeljalil Fathallah, Cyber Security Manager Security Engineer Expert – Pam Remediation & Governance, Axa Group Operations
  • Mohamed Tazi, Global Chief Information Security Officer, Attijariwafa Bank


Ouarrak Sallman, Chief Technology Officer, Al Akhdar Bank (AAB)


Cybersecurity Workforce Excellence: Strategies For Development and Retention

Nurture a skilled cybersecurity workforce to ensure long-term organisational security.

  • Talent Pipeline Building: Developing a Continuous Influx of Skilled Professionals.
  • Mentorship and Upskilling: Empowering Existing Team Members for Growth.
  • Inclusive Work Culture: Fostering Diversity and Attracting Top Talent

Ouafae Elghali, Chief Information Security Officer, Umnia Bank 


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